Bike Lights Review is run by me, Paul. I’ve worked in the electronics industry and have cycled to work through summer and winter, on and off for over 20 years.

My first source of cycling illumination was a pair of the infamous Ever Ready lights that were powered by chunky D cell batteries. They had a useful battery life of about an hour and poor sealing meant that the lights became extremely unreliable at the first drop of rain. I still have fond(ish) memories of the lights flickering off when trundling along bumpy roads and having to give the lights a regular sharp slap in a vain attempt to keep them functioning. Fortunately things have come on a very long way since then and lights are now much brighter, lighter, more reliable and have way better battery life.

As implied by the name, this site’s primary focus will be bike lights. I will also be commenting on winter cycling in general and reviewing related products.

The choice of which lights get reviewed and appear on the best bike light page is based on the collective opinion of myself and a number of cycling enthusiast friends and colleagues. This list is continually revised as new lights come along that we like better.

As I hope is apparent in the detail of reviews, they provide honest opinion based on real user experience (mostly mine) of the products. One of my pet peeves is the number of reviews on the web where it’s obvious that the reviewer hasn’t even seen the product in question let alone used it. Such sites use affiliate links to make money. When the reader buys a product having clicked on one of these links, the owner of the web site gets a commission.

Without wanting to appear hypocritical I must therefore point out that I also use affiliate links on this website.  However, I will not recommend products unless I genuinely like them and would buy, and in many cases have already bought them myself. This site is run as a hobby and I’m not expecting to make any money from it but it would be nice to at least cover the hosting fees and other expenses. If you’ve found our reviews useful then please support this site by purchasing through the links on the review pages.