Front Light Reader Reviews

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting in a long while. Unfortunately the day job has rather taken over my life which has left almost zero time for the web site. Hopefully one day I’ll get the balance back. I would also like to thank everyone who has written in with their comments, recommendations and generally kind words.

Quite a few folks have asked for a place to post their own reviews of their favourite lights. That seems like a terrific idea, doubly good as it doesn’t take much effort on my part! Continue reading “Front Light Reader Reviews”

Folding and Removable Pedals

Following my success with  folding handlebars which has transformed our hallway, I quickly found I could go one step further and get even more space by changing my pedals. While they won’t provide a breakthrough in terms of extra space like the new handlebars, they would reduce the profile of the bike by just a few more inches. There seem to be two options. i) Folding pedals and ii) quick release removable pedals. Continue reading “Folding and Removable Pedals”

Hallway Bike Storage – Folding Handlebars

My long suffering wife and family have put up with my bike in the hallway for some time. Apart from the issues of mud and oil on the carpet the main problem is of course that the bike takes up so much room and  it gets in everyone’s way as they go about their daily business. I messed around with small wheeled folding bikes for a while as a potential solution but ultimately I found them not as robust and slightly harder to ride than a regular bike for my 7 mile commute. One day as I was battling past the bike with four bags of groceries, I was thinking if only I could find a way of  folding the handlebars out the way, the problem would be greatly reduced. So began my quest for a set of folding handlebars.

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Moon Shield 60 Review

I must admit I wasn’t expecting much from this light when I received a model for review. It’s pretty tiny and I was anticipating a correspondingly small light output from the diminutive package. I was wrong – It’s a great little rechargeable light capable of an insane light output, has a decent mounting bracket and great build quality and weather sealing.


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Schwalbe marathon winter tyre test

Studded tyresBack in September I picked up a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Winter tyres and put them to one side while I waited for the snow and ice to arrive. I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen this year so I put them in the loft a couple of weeks back. That small action was enough to kick sod’s law into action and about 3 days later I was seeing forecasts for a prolonged period of brass monkey bothering climate – so I retrieved the tyres and fitted them last week.

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Blazewear Heated Gloves Review

Over the last few years I’ve struggled to keep my hands warm when cycling on the colder winter mornings. In my early days of cycle commuting I only had a 3 mile ride which wasn’t too bad as I wasn’t out for long enough to get chilly. Since my trip is now 7 miles each way, when the temperature gets any lower than about 5° C my fingers really start to suffer. For a few winters I went through all manner of cycling gloves to try to solve the problem but nothing really helped  for the freezing cold days. Last winter someone suggested I try a pair of Blazewear Heated Gloves. I’ve now had them for a little over a year. Continue reading “Blazewear Heated Gloves Review”