Folding and Removable Pedals

Following my success with  folding handlebars which has transformed our hallway, I quickly found I could go one step further and get even more space by changing my pedals. While they won’t provide a breakthrough in terms of extra space like the new handlebars, they would reduce the profile of the bike by just a few more inches. There seem to be two options. i) Folding pedals and ii) quick release removable pedals. Continue reading “Folding and Removable Pedals”

Hallway Bike Storage – Folding Handlebars

My long suffering wife and family have put up with my bike in the hallway for some time. Apart from the issues of mud and oil on the carpet the main problem is of course that the bike takes up so much room and  it gets in everyone’s way as they go about their daily business. I messed around with small wheeled folding bikes for a while as a potential solution but ultimately I found them not as robust and slightly harder to ride than a regular bike for my 7 mile commute. One day as I was battling past the bike with four bags of groceries, I was thinking if only I could find a way of  folding the handlebars out the way, the problem would be greatly reduced. So began my quest for a set of folding handlebars.

Continue reading “Hallway Bike Storage – Folding Handlebars”