Weather to cycle?

I read somewhere that statistically you can expect to get a soaking about 9 times a year on average if you cycle to work every day. Sure it rains on more days than that but the chances of it raining hard just at the point you happen to be travelling are relatively low. I thought I’d keep a tally this year to judge the accuracy of that statistic. Well my average for this year is already up. I got a thorough drenching on my very first morning back to the office and I’ve got slightly soggy on two other journeys since. I’ll post again at the end of the year with the final count.

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Welcome to Bike Lights Review

At Bike Lights Review you will find detailed reviews and advice on choosing your perfect bike lights and other cycling related products. We’ve started by reviewing some of what we think are the best bike lights. If you have any feedback or requests for a specific bike light review, please let us know via the contact form. Recently added is a special offers page where we’ve listed some cycling related discount codes. We’ll keep updating it as and when we find new offers.

Exposure Lights Announce 2012 range

Exposure Lights 2012 A few days ago, Exposure Lights unveiled their 2012 range of bike lights. Unless you look carefully, you might not notice any difference between these and the 2011 range. Exposure have sensibly chosen to not to drastically alter the form factor or features of their already popular and successful range of lights and instead have provided a number of evolutionary refinements across the range: Continue reading “Exposure Lights Announce 2012 range”

Bike Lights Review launch!

Bike Lights Review

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Bike Lights Review website. Over the coming months we shall be providing in-depth reviews of a range of the most popular bike lights which will allow you to make an informed choice when considering which are the best bike lights to buy.  In addition we’ll be covering other related topics on how best to keep safe and make yourself seen when cycling at night.

As well as providing all the technical details including brightness, battery life, weight etc we’ll be giving an opinion on value for money, usability, robustness, waterproofing etc.

When we have enough reviews written and uploaded we’ll be introducing a ‘Best Buys’ section which will allow you to quickly home in on which are the best candidates for your purposes. There will also be price comparisons so you can easily find the best deal on your chosen lights.

We hope you find the Bike Lights Review site useful!