Weather to cycle?

I read somewhere that statistically you can expect to get a soaking about 9 times a year on average if you cycle to work every day. Sure it rains on more days than that but the chances of it raining hard just at the point you happen to be travelling are relatively low. I thought I’d keep a tally this year to judge the accuracy of that statistic. Well my average for this year is already up. I got a thorough drenching on my very first morning back to the office and I’ve got slightly soggy on two other journeys since. I’ll post again at the end of the year with the final count.

Wind has also been a problem for the first days of this year. Just this morning I came across this on my route through the countryside. Luckily I was able to get through. A long queue of cars having to reverse back up the road who got there before the police had closed it were not so lucky! I was a bit damp around the edges but for once I had a reason to feel just a little smug!

Happy New Year!


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  1. I too have been wondering how many times I end up soaked each year on my daily commute. My experience last year was no more than a few times, but as you state there is an element of chance involved in terms of if it actually pouring when you commute.

    Nice pics


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