Altura Night Vision Evo Jacket Review

Altura Night Vision Evo Front ViewI’ve been cycle commuting for over 20 years and used quite a few jackets in that time . I recently bought an Altura Night Vision Evo cycling jacket which is one of the most popular jackets, and is the best I’ve used so far. The Jacket is a little too warm for the summer months but I tried it out for the first time last week on one of the cooler and wetter mornings.

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Welcome to Bike Lights Review

At Bike Lights Review you will find detailed reviews and advice on choosing your perfect bike lights and other cycling related products. We’ve started by reviewing some of what we think are the best bike lights. If you have any feedback or requests for a specific bike light review, please let us know via the contact form. Recently added is a special offers page where we’ve listed some cycling related discount codes. We’ll keep updating it as and when we find new offers.

Exposure Lights Announce 2012 range

Exposure Lights 2012 A few days ago, Exposure Lights unveiled their 2012 range of bike lights. Unless you look carefully, you might not notice any difference between these and the 2011 range. Exposure have sensibly chosen to not to drastically alter the form factor or features of their already popular and successful range of lights and instead have provided a number of evolutionary refinements across the range: Continue reading “Exposure Lights Announce 2012 range”

Technoline BL-700 Review

What’s an Intelligent Battery Charger?

Best Battery Charger - Technoline BL-700One of the best battery chargers for AA and AAA batteries is the Technoline BL-700 which is an ‘intelligent’ battery charger. My old battery charger was not intelligent. Charging time was the only criterion I used in choosing that charger and the particular one I had (Uniross Sprint) was able to charge high capacity AA batteries in only an hour. The charger had a number of problems, the main one being that it would only charge batteries in pairs and it would only really work if those batteries were well balanced. Unfortunately many of my batteries were not balanced. The consequence would be that one battery would end up overcharged and / or the other would be undercharged. Continue reading “Technoline BL-700 Review”

Rechargeable Batteries

Why use Rechargeable Batteries?

Eneloop low self discarge are the best rechargeable batteries.If your lights take standard AA or AAA batteries, I would highly recommend the use of a good set of rechargeables. The brightest battery operated lights usually have a battery life of only a few hours. For these the economic benefits of using rechargeable batteries don’t need explaining. Some lights however have an advertised battery life running into tens or even hundreds of hours. In this case, it’s tempting to think rechargeable batteries aren’t really necessary. However, it’s often the case that the brightness of these lights is not maintained throughout their battery life and actually, for a large proportion of the time, the light shows little more than a glimmer. By using rechargeable batteries and charging them on a regular basis, the light will always deliver its maximum brightness. Continue reading “Rechargeable Batteries”