Altura Winter Cruiser Tights Review

Altura Winter Cruiser Cycling TightsFor the second in my mini-series of cycling trouser reviews, I’ve chosen the Altura Winter Cruiser Unpadded Tights. These are somewhat different to the dhb pace roubaix tights featured in my last review. The material is somewhat thicker and a lot less stretchy. They are a little better in the reflective department with a few reflective splashes and have foot stirrups rather than zips at the ankles.  Continue reading “Altura Winter Cruiser Tights Review”

dhb Pace Roubaix Tight Review

dhb pace roubaix tightI’ve only ever used bog-standard track suit bottoms for winter cycling over the years. They’ve been O.K but since my current pairs were looking a bit worn and saggy, and the material around the ankles kept getting caught in my chain, I decided to take a look at a few pairs of  ‘proper’ cycling trousers to see how they compare. My first challenge was to get over the fact that cycling trousers are called ‘tights’ nowadays. I thought tights were generally only worn by women, or Robin Hood’s merry men, but a quick look at wikipedia set me straight. My wife offered to lend me a pair of her tights but the look really wouldn’t have been good.

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