dhb Pace Roubaix Tight Review

dhb pace roubaix tightI’ve only ever used bog-standard track suit bottoms for winter cycling over the years. They’ve been O.K but since my current pairs were looking a bit worn and saggy, and the material around the ankles kept getting caught in my chain, I decided to take a look at a few pairs of  ‘proper’ cycling trousers to see how they compare. My first challenge was to get over the fact that cycling trousers are called ‘tights’ nowadays. I thought tights were generally only worn by women, or Robin Hood’s merry men, but a quick look at wikipedia set me straight. My wife offered to lend me a pair of her tights but the look really wouldn’t have been good.

First up is the dhb Pace Roubaix padded tight. These are a high quality tight made from a soft material with a smooth texture on the outside and a fleece lining on the inside. When they turned up they looked mighty small and I wondered if I’d ever get into them but it wasn’t a problem. The material is sufficiently stretchy in all directions so they are likely to fit people of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

dhb pace roubaix tight zipThey don’t feature much in the reflective department, the only reflective areas being a a small patch above the ankle zips and the dhb logo on the behind. A little more would be nice but I have a feeling it might be difficult getting reflectives to stay attached to the stretchy material.

The dhb Pace Roubaix tights have a figure hugging fit and feel very comfortable to wear and do not feel at all restrictive on the bike. The thickness of the seat padding is perfect.

I would say the material is of medium thickness, ideal for Spring and Autumn and probably most of winter too. I’ve not yet worn them in particularly cold temperatures but I think they will be fine right down to 0ºC and possibly lower. They seem windproof yet breathable as somehow I don’t seem to get sweaty in them on the warmer days.

dhb pace roubaix tight frontOn sizing I went for the medium. I have 34 inch waist and am 5 foot 10 inches tall with medium build. While I normally buy the large size for most clothes, mediums were the right size for these. If anything the length of the legs are a little long for me but not excessively so. I think in general these tights would work best for people with tall build though due to their stretchy nature will fit a lot of people. I thought I looked rather fetching in them but my wife laughs at me every time I put them on…

I’m really pleased with them and can heartily recommend them for comfort, warmth, breathability and entertainment value for the missus. A great improvement from my tatty old track suit bottoms.

For more info and where to buy, click here: dhb Pace Roubaix padded tight

My next post will be about the Altura Winter Cruiser Tights coming soon…

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